Thursday, 9 February 2012

I need a morning do over...

Then again maybe not. I really doubt that I want to do all that again today.

Last night I was at the grocery store picking up a few things and did NOT buy bread. Why did I not buy bread...well I had bought two loafs the day before so no need. Well I should have bought bread.
Not because of the usual reason, the locusts have eaten it all....but because it was growing mold.
Of course I did not know this until 15 minutes before the first child's bus showed up. If I had been on the ball and made lunches last night I would have known this but nooooo I didn't so well....PANIC!!!
Well inward panic because of course if I had totally freaked out then C would have freaked out and B would have freaked out and then I would have had more interesting problems to deal with than just mouldy bread.
Soooo think what the hell was I going to do...well of course throw out two brand new loafs of bread (of course I should have returned them but remember I was in an inward panic!) Buses were going to show up!!
I threw leftovers together for B who's bus was arriving in 10 min.
Since hubby is home for the moment I thought AH HA! He can get C dressed and give him his med's (even though C insists that daddy can't give him his medication because he doesn't know how....daddy is an RN btw!)
I fly out of the house giving instructions as I go, scrape the ice off the car and race off to the store. I dash in grab two new loaves of bread (heaven forbid that C doesn't have the right sandwich!) and run to the check out like a crazy woman! Well then I cursed under my breath for a couple of minutes, one checkout lady WTF! Don't people know I am in a rush! I pay and run back to the car and race home.
I have 10 min to bus time by the time I get back to the house and C is still not dressed, no meds nothing! AHHHHHHHHH.... (to be fair to hubby he isn't here most of the time and C was being complicated but he did have breakfast so that was something) OK so don't panic....Throw the lunch together, find C's bag, get his cloths on and then meds.
Didn't that damn bus arrive 4 min ahead of schedule! Today of all days that bus was early!!
We got C on the bus and I gave him a high 5 for being awesome! How this is going to play out once he gets to school with his screwed up morning I guess I will find out! Phone calls to come I am sure of it.
Do over...ummmm no thanks once was enough.
I need a nap!