Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Kitchen

This has been a very neglected blog and I hopefully will do better... ha doubt it. It's too nuts around here!

This post is about well my delusions of grandeur and well my husband.

My husband as most of you know works far up in the north and is only home for short periods of time on "vacation". I say vacation in quotations because I think he does more work when he is home than when he is at work! Usually his plans turn out great but he makes me crazy in the process.

This time he started to rip apart the house, oh and when I say rip apart I mean he went NUTS! Overboard would probably be a more appropriate description. I think I freaked him out when I said we need a bigger house. Well now we have a bin in the driveway and we are purging, which would be awesome if we had done one room at a time instead of things pulled out of everywhere and now there is stuff everywhere! Ahhhh....HELP!
Well then we got to talking about the kitchen. Now there is a partial kitchen renovation taking place. It's making me crazy, and I know it's making the boys crazy. I was talking about doing the kitchen in the new year. NOPE...it's being torn up, moved around and he went nuts. (all while in the middle of purge that is left partially completed!) Ummmm HELP!!
OH sure it will be awesome when it's done but I didn't want to do it now or spend the money now. Well its being done now!
C is insisting that we are building a restaurant in there... I said no C it's not a restaurant we are just redoing a few things. Nope it's a restaurant and that is that... oh and he let me know that if it's not good we have to call Gordon Ramsay...oh my!!!! 

So as per usual it's crazy around here!  Now hubby is going nuts because Charlie the beagle has his nose in his building and trying to eat saw dust ... tee hee.

Lets just hope and keep our fingers crossed that all these big plans get finished before he heads back up to work or I will be left in chaos and be left to fix it all by my lonesome!