Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Ahhhhh the holidays...

Ahhhhh the holidays....

The holidays are coming upon us rather quickly.
Those of us in Canada had our Thanksgiving back in October. Then Halloween and now of course the focus is all on Christmas in our house.

I made a decision many years ago not to put up our tree until the day the kids get out of school for the holidays. I have had comments in the past about how I don't have my tree up....
However in our case with 3 kids on the spectrum it was just too much sensory, too much stimulation and too much Christmas for them.
C can handle Christmas for a few days before and until New Years and that is it! I don't even have the tree lights on too too much, when they are on they over stimulate him to the point where he either ends up crashing out asleep under the tree  or just what I call over done.
We keep the same routines every year as much as possible and keep it simple. No guests, Christmas morning is kept routine and as calm as possible with 6 kids :).
We do go to my parents Christmas Eve but the kids can escape to the basement and if C is in overload we can leave and get home quickly (we live around the corner).
Since my hubby started working away we did start going to my parents for dinner but that too is dinner and home usually for at least C and I. (My parents are great and really understand  the boys needs)
I have had the comments in the past about visitors and people taking it personally, but its just too much for C and things go so much better for him and he enjoys his holidays so much more without the extra people and stimulation.
He loves New Years and loves when I make a bit of a help yourself buffet for him and the kids, he always gives me a shopping list of things to buy. Always the same things but it's awesome that he makes a list!
Love the holidays with the kids and keeping it calm and as stress free as possible for the boys especially makes a great holiday for all of us.