Saturday, 18 June 2011

Colton the Exterminator....

My boy Colton like all little boys has his dreams for the future.
At this moment in time it's Colton the Exterminator.
Colton informed me this morning that he was going to be "Colton the exterminator, super sidekick to Billy the Exterminator saving Louisiana from pests!" Ummm...
Well we don't live in Louisiana *LOL* but he wants to go there and find a hotel with a bee problem so we can call on Billy so he can help him exterminate them. :)
According to him he just "Loves Louisiana".
My son has both Billy the Exterminator seasons on DVD and of course his Billy T shirt! He knows all the names of  Billy's family on the show introduction and will watch any Billy marathon that is on TV.
He also researches on the internet the creatures that Billy deals with on the show. Colton can tell you more than you want to know about mahogany wasps.
I should also let you know that Colton told his teacher that he had fire ants in his ear. She took this to mean that he had an earache and she sent him home. Ummm no ants and no earache but he was proud of himself for getting the afternoon off school!
 The giggle for me is that this is the little boy who sees a fly at a picnic and goes running off screaming in terror that the "bee" is going to get him. So much for any type of exterminating.
However dreams are deams and who am I to say that he won't grow up to be a world famous exterminator like Billy some day! 
Billy is his hero, who knows maybe I will get to take him to Louisiana some day!

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  1. Ok, I don't live in Louisiana (we live in Ohio) but we have a MASSIVE bee problem. NONE of our neighbors do.. just us. For some reason, they're attracted to our house. By August, we have to call the BeeMan out to haul off some nasty giant nests!!! (I have some GREAT pics if you're interested lol) German hornets?? I think those are the ones that currently love my house. Bee's and japanese beetles. They LOVE my house!