Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The north...

At the moment I am north of Moosonee off the coast of James Bay.
Life is so different here. The air is clean and fresh nowhere to really go other than the snack shop or the grocery store. It is a great place for walking and hiking, the scenery along the river is amazing. The sunsets beautiful!
 Oh yes, and the blackfllies and mosquitos are BIG!
The other day we saw an eagle, a wolf and a black bear while out away from the community!
Of course groceries are so expensive it is boardering on insane! Milk is just over $10.00 a bag. Naturally things are more expensive since they have to be flown in. I cringe every time I go to the store. My gang eats a ton!!
The one thing that did surprise me the very first time I visited here was that there were so many mini vans and trucks. I expected the number of ATV's but not the other vehicles. I guess this was because you can't drive to get here here most of the year. There is an ice road that is open for a short time over the winter which is how big delieveries make their way here. I was lucky enough this past winter to go to Moosonee on the ice road! Very cool.
In the summer a barge brings up the big things as long as the river to the communiy is high enough.
Why am I up here you ask??
Well I am up here with four of my kids, staying  up here where my husband works, for a month of the summer. He works here full time and so I come with the kids, when I can, so we can have more family time. He does get vacation but usually only two weeks at a time 3-4 times a year. I call this my cottage!
Our youngest loves it here. Not just because daddy is here but he is so less sensory here. Things are not as overwhealming life is slower and I homeschool when here. He would live here if possible. You never know may happen some day but it's not the right time for the other kids yet :).
Why my husband took a job in such a far off location is a whole different post! However, because he took this job we have gotten to experience a part of the country that many never get to see. The kids have gotten learn about a new culture.
Ali has been working with the kids at a day camp this summer and last spring she got to take a few Cree language classes. She also submitted a short animated movie for a festival that was going on in the community.
While here I do a ton of cooking, cleaning, laundry and of course keeping up with the kids! The work never ends so much for any rest!
When I get home I am going to need some wine, rest, relaxation and a vacation!! YA RIGHT!

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