Thursday, 14 July 2011


Laundry in my house is ever growing and growing.
 Large family = Lots of laundry!
Just when you think AH HA I am finished! There is more.
I usually refer to it as Mt Laundry. It's not just one mound however' it's more like a mountainous range. I am the one however that often feels like erupting.
I HATE laundry, well ok, I don't mind putting it in the washer I just hate trying to figure out what belongs to who and where the heck it goes now that some of the kids wear similar sizes!
 Heaven forbid if you put something in the wrong drawer and the daughter to whom it actually belongs finds one of her sisters wearing it.... ACK! DUCK! "Well it was in my drawer" ..."well it's mine get it off"...and so on.
Don't get me started about socks and laundry, you can read back to a previous blog posting about that one!
One difficult thing about laundry in my house is getting a favourite, comfortable item of clothing off one of the boys to actually wash it and get them to wear something else. uggggg
Sometimes I worry that the school thinks that this particular child only has one pair of pants and one or two shirts. No he has other cloths but only a few things feel comfortable to him. *sigh*
I am starting to see hope on the horizon however, the older kids are now pretty much doing their own laundry, guess they got tired of things not being done when they wanted it and me mixing up their stuff!

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