Monday, 25 July 2011

Childrens laughter...

Just thought I would write a quick post on something that happened up north this week that brought tears to my eyes.

Across from the nursing station a few days ago they started construction on something that this northern community didn't have. Something that evey community down south has more than one of. Something that we take for granted, a playground.
Yes a playground!
When the construction was started, the kids were standing around watching the construction in awe and talking workers ears off. No matter when I looked out there were tons of kids anxiously waiting. The poor workers could not work fast enough. When the playground was nearly done the workers caved and let the kids at it while they were doing the finishing touches.
Every day since the playground has been full of laughing children. The sound of the children playing and laughing is amazing and uplifting.
Something so simple has made the wonderful children of this community so happy.

(took awhile to find a time when the playground is nearly empty so I could take a picture, 98% of the time it is jammed full *L*. Behind the playground you can see the ambulances and part of the nursing station)

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