Monday, 15 August 2011

Keeping it simple...

This past weekend my youngest son had his 10th birthday.  This year I kept it simple.
We didn't go anywhere,and we didn't have a ton of people and noise.
  It was our immediate family only. My parents were great about this and just sent over his card for him (we split on a new computer for him since his was worn out)
What a difference, he had an amazing day. We spread out his presents throughout the day and didn't go nuts with wrapping paper and ribbons. We kept things fun but not over stimulating.
He asked for cupcakes instead of a cake and picked KFC for his birthday dinner and talked to his Daddy on the phone. (Daddy is home the end of the month for vacation!)
His oldest sister bought him some Chaotic cards that he asked for. He asked his brother to play but Braed said that he needed to go buy cards first. Colton then gave Braeden one of his new packs of cards and said "lets go upstairs and play together now". It was amazing. If he had been in meltdown and over stimulated he wouldn't have been able to do this. It was really cute :) (this was something new inviting someone to play and then making it happen. It was rather exciting!)
That night he crawled into my lap and said "This was the best birthday ever."
There were no meltdowns, he wasn't over stimulated and was happy all day.
The next morning at sunrise, bright and early he crawled into my bed and said "Mommy thank you for all my presents, I had the best birthday."
I was so glad that he had a "best birthday ever".
 Bigger, louder and brighter and busy, isn't always better. :)

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