Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A taco incident...

Oh boy my daughter and her poor boyfriend.
All I could do was sit there and laugh hysterically, I couldn't even breath. (yes I am mean in that way)
I took the kids (well they aren't kids, but kids to me :)) to the mall and I offered them lunch, I was only there as Mom taxi to drop them off.
Tacos was the lunch decision.
My daughter ordered a taco meal and couldn't finish it all so she offered the 2nd soft shelled taco to her boyfriend.
That was Innocent enough. She had already unwrapped it when she decided she couldn't eat it.
She slid the taco across the table and didn't notice that there was a cut out in the table between where she was sitting and where her boyfriend was seated.
The taco fell off the table and was dumped right in her boyfriends lap. It was everywhere.
I probably shouldn't have laughed but it was so in character for my daughter. *L*
She was pretty upset but he joked around with her and tried to make her feel better all the time while cleaning up taco guts.
Now we need to get the grease from the taco meat out of his pants!

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