Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Going with the flow...

Boy this month has been a whirlwind!
Going with the flow so I don't go nuts!
I was up with my hubby and kids in a whole different world of the north then home again. Since I got back it's been a bit more than insane!
Ali started school last week and is trying to get settled in.
I have been shopping up a storm getting everything my daughter needs for college and paying deposits and helping her figure out all the paper work.
We also had little man's 10th birthday last weekend!!
Today we were down in the city all day so she could have her psych tests redone for her learning disabilities to see what if any accommodations she will need for college.
We are taking her up the end of this week for a 5 day special program for orientation for those students with special needs and learning disabilities. We have to have all her stuff ready to go. The woman who runs the dorm is going to allow her to move into her room and set everything up before the pressure of school starts.
This is great news! She can hopefully get all her books and everything she needs.
Of course her 19th birthday is the first week of school during frosh week. ummm *cringe* *LOL*. She is a good kid, very mature and very responsible so I am just going with the flow.
Next weekend I pick her up and get her back home and then drive up again a day later (This is an 8+ hr drive one way) to pick my hubby up from the airport for his vacation! WOOT!
Of course with all this going on I didn't need to discover that I couldn't postpone doing the roof, it needs to be done now!! I really was hoping to postpone it until after I got all the kids back to school.
So now it's full steam ahead on the roof and the breaks are put on the mini getaway I had planned with my hubby. Oh well a roof over our heads that doesn't leak is far more important. But I have to admit I am more than a bit whiny about it *L*
Just going with the flow

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