Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Medication decisions...

My son (my 10yo) has an attention span of  ZERO. A BIG goose egg. He has ADHD along with his autism diagnosis.
He is very bright, loves to read and wants to learn but he just cant focus on anything at all or sit still, and it's really creating problems for him at school. He gets very frustrated with himself when he can't focus and pay attention. He will state I just can't, I just can't focus.
We have tried a few medications so far and they have either made him really spaced out, or lost his appetite,can't sleep or made him just totally frustrated.
So we are trying one last medication and tonight after his first dose he was really darn cranky. It will take a little while longer to know if it's the med or he was just having an off day.
He is very stressed about going back to school, he has told me several times that "I just can't focus and it really stresses me out!" We did some social stories and talked about it and I let him know that he had some new medicine that he was going to start this week.
He just looked at me and said "Well what are we going to do if this doesn't work". I feel for the little guy he knows darn well that the other meds he was on were for focusing and they didn't work for him.
 I am listening and I can feel his frustration with his focusing issues. I just hope that this time we have found the right thing to give him a helping hand along with the other things that we have done with him and have put in place.
Poor little guy is already stressing about school. We are doing lots of prep work to prepare him but I so wish that the start of school was as exciting for him as it is for other kids.


  1. Good luck with the new medication. We tried Stratara here for awhile with my youngest.
    Stress is no fun!

  2. How is it going with the new medication? Did it work for him or help him? Homeschooling has been the best thing for my oldest. Because so much of it is self directed. Its really helped him feel in control and he can switch to another subject when he needs a break. He can even work on his studies while standing up, that has been great for him as well. We use BYU homeschool curriculum, he has the curriculum online, but we also bought the books for him for when he needed to get up and change pace or something.