Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sooo tired of studies...

Of course I am talking about the causes of autism studies.
You know the ones, you live near a highway, you took drank coffee at three in the morning while eating a bran muffin.
No matter what the study, I start frantically thinking back, did I do any of those things? It makes me crazy that some of these studies come down to something that maybe I did.
I love my kids and feel such guilt that life is so tough for them and would do anything to make it easier on them. I have enough mommy guilt thank you very much without some study telling me that I did something to my kids. I have even more guilt when I get frustrated with them because I am over tired after a rough day, life is so much harder for them than for me. I live a life of feeling guilty!
With my boys, looking back, they were not the same as the others when they were newborn fresh home from the hospital. They needed to be swaddled up really tight and secure and be put in a sling all of the time where as my girls loved to kick and have their feet free and hated to be wrapped. One of my sons still likes to be wrapped up tight and held securely when having a bad day. They always hated a lot of noises right from the get go. These are only a few examples.
I fully believe it is genetics in our case.
 I bet that these studies are making new pregnant mothers insane!
My boys are who they are and I accept that, but please stop making me feel guiltier and crazier with each new fly by night study.
 I give them every ounce of energy and more, so help me with more money, services and proper education to help them thrive and survive in our crazy world.

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