Friday, 20 May 2011

Another birthday has come and gone...

Well now I am old, well only by another year but still old.  Well ok, old to my kids that is.
I had a great birthday, my oldest and I went out for dinner and a show (We saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra) a drink, and a full nights sleep in a hotel.
 When I say full nights sleep I mean actual sleeping without one ear open. At home I sleep perpetually with one ear open listening for Colton going down stairs in the middle of the night or going in the fridge or just generally getting into things. At 9 you wouldn't think this would be an issue but it is.
I just love it when I can go away to sleep and wake up feeling like I actually slept! However, it would probably take years of full night sleeps to get even close to catching up! Then of course I come home and my stess level goes through the roof and all that relaxing goes right out the window *LOL*.
This past year has been crazy dealing with... School issues, sensory issues, autism issues, Ali's ankle injury,  going back and forth to up where my husband is, one finishing college, getting the paper work done to get another one started and just plain getting stuff done and keeping the house from caving in has been insane.
Looking back has been great but I am now looking ahead at all the crazy stuff to come...
Unless the world ends tomorrow... and it that case it will have all been awesome. 

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