Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dance like no one is watching...

Dance like no one is watching and they will stop and look. My crazy daughters Ali 15 and Kelsey 18 figured it out.
When I say crazy they are. My two girls decided they wanted to wait in the car while I ran into Best Buy to pick up a movie. Now you would think that leaving a 15 year old and an 18 year old out side for a few minutes would be ok. Well apparently it's not...
I was in the store for a few minutes bought the movie and came out to a bopping, bouncing, blaring Jeep.
There Ali was in the front, Kelsey in the back, the front windows down and blaring out of the Jeep was Mika, Big Girls you are Beautiful. (apparently before that Lollypop and Grace Kelly was eminating from the vehicle).
From where I was standing, with my jaw dropping to the ground, you could see Ali whipping her head around, waving her arms frantically back and forth and bouncing up and down in her seat (bouncing and flailing enough to make the Jeep rock violently).
People were actually stopping and starring. Ali was either oblivious or having a hoot that people were stopping, jaws dropping and staring. She was having a blast and definately doing it on purpose!
In Kelsey's defence the back windows were rolled up and you couldn't really see her back there, she is 5 ft 5 but Ali was out there bobbing as if there was no one else in the world (and quite visible, she is 6ft 2!)
When I got to the car there was Kelsey howing and laughing so hard in the back she couldn't breath or talk and there was Ali still rocking out having the time of her life.
By this time people were now staring at me and of course I was howling by this time at the sight of my daughters. Ali told me, on the drive home after I asked her what the hell they were doing, that the more people stared and the more extreme the reaction (some guy couldn't even get in his car because he was staring at her with a very strange look on his face) the harder she danced and flailed in her seat. I should have known! *L*
My girls are totally awesome, definately entertaining and know how to give me a laugh when I most need one!! They sure know how to have a good time!

A couple of pictures of two of my crazy ladies from a family trip to Niagara (Colton is also in the bottom shot, loving his sisters being silly!)


  1. lmao... my hair is attrocious in these. :P haha this is funny though mom. i'm giggling slightly at the memory.

  2. So great to see sisters that have fun together and a mom who laughs along with their silliness! (I'm the oldest of six girls, so I grew up with tons of silly moments like these!)