Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The last nerve...

Usually I am the one telling the kids that they are all on my last nerve and jumping all over it. 
What also happens with three kids on the spectrum, all under one roof, is that quite often they are on each others last nerve (and their sisters of course).
The boys each have their own sensory issues and thesholds as to what they find annoying. Quite often what is a huge part of one boys personality is just the thing to make one of the others cringe and be annoyed.
It can be a huge challenge some days to figure out just what is annoying one of them and getting the other one to stop. The problem is, the one who is doing the annoying at the time can't stop because it is apart who they are. This is frustrating for the one who isn't being annoying on purpose and to the one who is now also over stimulated and can't handle it. (Can we say melt down?)
When all is said and done they are all constantly learning to relate, understand and hang out with each other in appropriate ways, and that is never a bad thing.
As for me, my last nerve is shot and very worn out and jumped all over on a daily basis. That said, I wouldn't change a day of my life, it's interesting and always a challenge.

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