Thursday, 26 May 2011

A whole person...

This particular post is being written because I am a raving lunatic and mad at the moment. This said I am not sure how much sense I am going to make!
My kids arn't just Learning disabled, ADD, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, autistic, aspergers, dyslexic, discalculate, dysgraphic, language delayed, sensory, have a visual spacial disorder and quite a few others I can't even remember right now. They are Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Daniel, Alexandra (also known as Ali), Braeden and of course Colton.
Colton often says things like it is, no filter just straight out with it. Sometimes it comes across as being rude but it usually isn't it's just Colton stating it how it is. Well sometimes this gets him in trouble, so this mom gets a phone call to discuss his behaviour...
 The next most frequent discussion is he can't focus, well I know it and hell even he knows it! He will say straight out, I can't focus, I just can't do it.
One day he wasn't focusing and he told who he was working with that he just couldn't do it, he just can't focus. I guess they made the mistake and asked him why. Well my boy told them... he just looked right at her and just stated plain as day "Because I have autism!". I got a phone call but I was a bad parent and I laughed. Well he does have autism, it wasn't news to me. My oldest daughter laughed also, and said "well now they know" *L*.  I guess it sounded like he was making excuses for not doing what he was supposed to be doing. He wasn't making an excuse he was asked why he couldn't focus and he told them *LOL*
However today he told me that focusing is hard and he just can't do it because his focusing chip is broken..Mmmmm guess he is a robot now!
I just don't want phone calls or notes about the bad things. I know I need to be aware of them but I want to and need to hear about the CAN do's and the great things!
My kids are whole being not just what ever disability they have.
 Never underestimate perseverance and hard work no matter the road blocks, or diagnosis. My kids have proven this over and over again, I am so proud.
Look always at the whole, and you will see a remarkable human being who will surprise you and bring you joy and much love, no matter how rough the road. :)

Ali's drawing of the gang... Daniel, Braeden, Colton, Ali, Kaitlyn and Kelsey. :)

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