Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Literal translations...

The world I live in, meaning my abode with my 6 offspring and my sometimes home hubby, is a life of interpretation.
 Quite often the interpretations are not correct, meaning that one person has said something and the other has taken them literealy. This is quite often not a good thing but it often is quite hilarious.
One incident involved my daughter Kelsey. She had finished doing her laundry and folded it quite nicely in a pile. Her mistake was asking her brother to take it up stairs for her and "throw it in her room".
I am sure that those with a child with autism in the house can see where this is going.  So my son went up and well...threw them into her room.
 My daughter was freaking out and my son was like, why?
I was not making the situation any better because I was howling with laughter. It took me awhile before I could speak and ask my daughter to repeat what she asked her brother to do. She said... "All I said was to take my cloths up and..." she stopped and laughed and went up to clean up her cloths.  Her poor brother did exactly what she asked. He not only speaks literally he interprets that way too.
Lesson learned think before you speak or you may have a "cloths incident!"
Life is crazy around here!


  1. haha yeah funny noww it wasn't back then <.<

  2. I have a child who loves to be literal also so I truly appreciate the humor in this.